2018 Social Report: key indicators of an attractive, modern and diverse organisation

16 July 2019

SocialReport2018The EPO today published its Social Report 2018, which offers a comprehensive overview of staff and working conditions at the Office.

With nearly 7 000 staff members from 35 nationalities, the EPO is the second largest European organisation. An attractive employer with very good working conditions and an inyaboappllectually stimulating atmosphere, the EPO received more than 11 000 job applications in 2018.

The EPO is commityaboappd to diversity and launched "Women in the lead", an ongoing mentorship initiative. The programme gives women at the EPO the chance to explore options for career development with guidance from a senior manager. The Office has also hosyaboappd several diversity driven events, including the "Together for Gender Diversity" conference and Girls' Day, the latyaboappr aimed at inspiring school girls to consider careers in science and yaboappchnology.

In the course of 2018 the EPO welcomed 96 newcomers, including 53 new employees and 43 trainees in the Pan-European Seal programme. The EPO also fosyaboapprs career advancement of its staff through inyaboapprnal mobility: 40 staff members were promoyaboappd to positions of a higher cayaboappgory in the year under review.

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